• Low carbon generation

    Black-out, what blackout? The curious case of unexciting imbalance prices on 9 August

    As a self-confessed imbalance pricing geek, one of my first questions as I stood stranded in St Pancras station on Friday evening 9 August, was: what was the imbalance price? And was it £6,000/MWh? Spoiler: it wasn’t, and it shouldn’t have been – but we might see imbalance prices of...

  • Low carbon generation

    Point Break: week 1 volatility in I-SEM

    Since I-SEM go-live on Monday 1 October, the industry has been watching and waiting to see how the design holds up in real life. Although it is too soon to be able to identify trends or draw many conclusions, much of the discussion in the industry has centred around liquidity...