• Low carbon generation

    Up north and down south – trends for generator TNUoS charging

    The topic of generator Transmission Network Use of System (TNUoS) is becoming a subject of increasing interest for stakeholders as regulation, policy, and the generation mix create potential volatility for future charging trends. The significant costs posed through TNUoS are an important consideration for generators, with high variability between regions...

  • Low carbon generation

    Constraints – can’t stop loving you

    Do you remember Just under 10 years ago I worked at Ofgem, as part of a team focused on the electricity System Operator incentive scheme. Much of my time was spent evaluating expenditure by National Grid (now known as National Grid Electricity System Operator(ESO)) on their actions pre- and post-fault...

  • Low carbon generation

    “We are the champions” – Ireland hits 65% SNSP

    On 13 April, Eirgrid announced that it was now able to handle 65% variable (non-synchronous) renewable generation on the system at any given time. Eirgrid said in its statement that the island of Ireland’s power system is the first in the world to be able to accommodate this level of...