Non-Synchronous System Penetration

  • Low carbon generation

    “We are the champions” – Ireland hits 65% SNSP

    On 13 April, Eirgrid announced that it was now able to handle 65% variable (non-synchronous) renewable generation on the system at any given time. Eirgrid said in its statement that the island of Ireland’s power system is the first in the world to be able to accommodate this level of...

  • Energy storage and flexibility

    What’s the frequency Kenneth? Rapid Eirgrid Management (REM) on a high wind system

    Last week saw the Irish Wind Energy Association’s (IWEA) spring conference, and far from being the end of the world as we know it, the sector feels fine. On 14 March, the sector set yet another record with 55% of that day’s electricity coming from wind generation. The overall possible...