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    Imbalance price soars to 8-year high as RSP gets used

    Last night's (4 March 2020) imbalance prices reached >£2,000/MWh as National Grid was utilising Short-term Operating Reserve (STOR) generators during this period. Despite these generators requiring a much lower price to ramp up output (utilisation prices are typically less than £50MWh), they were priced in the Imbalance Pricing Mechanism at...

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    Black-out, what blackout? The curious case of unexciting imbalance prices on 9 August

    As a self-confessed imbalance pricing geek, one of my first questions as I stood stranded in St Pancras station on Friday evening 9 August, was: what was the imbalance price? And was it £6,000/MWh? Spoiler: it wasn’t, and it shouldn’t have been – but we might see imbalance prices of...

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    Coming the long way: wind forecast and imbalance prices

    Last week wind generation accounted for 56% of the generation mix on an all-island basis. The market also saw significant volatility in the Balancing Market (BM), with the Single Electricity Market Operator (SEMO) receiving pricing disputes related to early trading in the BM. While there has been much discussion about...